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We Want Your Story!

Your life changed forever the moment your first child entered your world. And it changes again every time you add a new family member. It’s rewarding, wonderful and exhausting; from feedings to first steps, first days of school, carpools and activities, sleepovers and birthday parties, milestones and heartbreaks.

But what now? What happens when your children have grown up, leaving you with the proverbial “empty nest” and you’ve found your life has changed…again?

It’s a time of mixed emotions, new routines, excitement, and even fear. How has the “empty nest” experience impacted you? How have you and/or your partner dealt with the transition? What advice would you give to parents embarking on this new journey to recapture that time “BK” (before kids). Or is that even possible?

Our Life Point Book Series is about guiding people through life’s most exciting and challenging transitions and milestones, and we believe real stories from real people like you have the power to help others navigate those big moments.

We want your best empty nest story, and if we use it in our next Life Point book, we’ll pay you $150.

Submission Information:

  • Length: 300-400 words

  • Your story must fit one of the following themes:

    • Taking Care of You: Getting Healthy As You “Empty Nest”

    • Rekindling the Romance

    • A “Post-Kids” Home Makeover

    • Reconnecting with Old Friends

    • Our New Everyday Life

    • Empty Nester Travel Adventures

    • Big Changes: Selling the Family House

    • Contact: Justine Bermingham,

We can’t wait to hear your story. Submit your story here and we'll reach out to let you know if we plan to publish it in the upcoming Empty Nesting book.

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