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TEN THINGS are suggestions from our readers of the memorable stops on their itinerary.

from Matt

Here are ten stops driving from Colorado to Nevada. 

Colorado Springs - We flew into Colorado Springs to start our journey. 

  1. Pikes Peak - “Pikes Peak or Bust” is the motto for gold seekers. We took the three-hour train trip, which took about 40 minutes to get to the top. 

  2. White Water Rafting - There are many adventure levels, from rapids to a relaxing float. It's just a short drive to the Royal Gorge, where you can raft down the Arkansas River beneath towering canyon walls. We saw plenty of fantastic wildlife along the way.

  3. Garden of the Gods - This free park has impressive rock formations. These rocks were created as ancient mountains eroded and buried them in sediment. It’s a perfect day of hiking.

Moab - We drove to Moab through the continental divide. 

  1. Independence Pass- is a high mountain pass with an elevation of over 12,000 ft in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a fantastic stop on your way to Moab. 

  2. Arches National Park- This perfect hiking spot has the densest concentration of natural stone arches in the world. Remember to take photos underneath and on top of the stone formations with your camera. 


  1. Jerome & the Sliding Jail - Jerome is a mining town where over 9,000 people died and is said to be haunted. It also has a jail from the past that is sliding down the hill. We walked the town and visited the Old West Junkyard at the end of the main street - which houses everything from rusty trucks to an old sawmill. 

  2. The Jerome Grand Hotel - also known as the Little House of Horrors. The legend is that the hotel was an asylum and is now haunted. We had lunch at the restaurant and enjoyed the history throughout the hotel.

  3. Slide Rock State Park- Though the water is cold because it comes from the mountain, we enjoyed the natural slide, worn into the sandstone of the river. There is 1/2 mile of Oak Creek open for swimming, wading, and sliding. The world-famous slide is an 80-foot-long slippery chute. 

Grand Canyon

  1. The Lodge - This beautiful old lodge is lovely to walk through. There are chairs to sit in and enjoy the view. 

  2. Hiking - We hiked the Bright Angel Point Trail. It was a short but beautiful walk. Since we were not staying in the park, it was a perfect walk. We also walked a short way down the path to the bottom of the canyon and then walked back up. There are many trails to try if you have more time. 

We drove to Vegas for a night and flew home from there. 

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