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Launching this Summer...

Empty Nesting Cover.jpg

From the moment your children were born, life was never the same. The years of school, meal planning, sports, and extracurriculars took up so much of your free time. Now, the children have grown up and left home. It’s a time of mixed emotions, new routines, excitement, and even fear. What did the experience feel like to you? How did your family deal with the transition? What advice would you give to parents embarking on a new journey as empty nesters?


Our Life Point Book Series guides people through life’s most exciting and challenging transitions. In our latest book, we deliver strategies to help empty nesters embrace this new phase of life with ideas, inspiration, and practical guides. The Empty Nesting book has a worksheet for parents to spark new conversations and commit to new habits, enhancing their lives with adult children. 

It's filled with ideas, recipes, and reminders to make the transition to empty nesting fun. 


The Empty Nesting hardcover book will be available this summer. 

To register and be notified when the book is published, simply add your email to our contact form here


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