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Call for Stories...

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From the moment your children were born, life was never the same. The years of school, meal planning, sports, and extracurriculars took up so much of your free time. Now, the children have grown, and and left home. It’s a time of mixed emotions, new routines, excitement, and even fear. What did the experience feel like to you? How did your family deal with the transition? What advice would you give to parents embarking on a new journey as empty nesters?


Our Life Point Book Series is all about guiding people through life’s most exciting and challenging transitions – and we believe real stories from real people like you have the power to help others navigate these big moments. We’re offering $150 for the best empty nesting story. It's a chance to appear in our next book.


Submission Information:

  • Length: 300-400 words

  • Theme: Choose from the list below:

    • Taking Care of You - Getting Healthy When You Empty Nest

    • Rekindling the Romance as Empty Nesters

    • Our Home Makeover - Once the Kids Were Gone

    • Connecting with Old Friends after Kids

    • Everyday Life after the Kids Are Out

    • Empty Nester Travel Adventures

    • Big Changes: Selling the Family House


To enter, simply send your story to us here. 

We can’t wait to hear your story. Thank you for your interest in Life Point Books.


Don’t forget to check out our latest release, the ideal gift for the new homeowner, Welcome Home.

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