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Head shot of author Marlene Byrne.

“Many of the good stories and tips in my

books come from my readers and fans.

I want to be a conduit for sharing ideas to

make families happy.”

Marlene Byrne

Marlene is not a chef. She is not a television personality. She didn’t star in a movie before deciding to bring you into her kitchen. She isn't a builder or psychologist. The tips and stories are meant to be simple inspirations. The recipes are handed down from family and friends.


She is a Midwest mother whose extended family loves to come and eat. Whose kids are growing up, moving out, and yet coming back. Her experience as a working mother, a spouse, and now an empty nester offers insight into life's many transitions. 


She is, however, a writer. Marlene has written five children’s books about backyard games under the umbrella of Project Play Books. She has also written novels including two recent books based on inspirational stories: "Music Has Legs" and "Do Not Discard".


This time, she wanted to write a  series of books about life that would share simple tips, recipes, and stories to help people enrich their lives better. Welcome Home is meant to help new homeowners in a time of transition and make the journey less stressful.


“I wrote these books to celebrate life's moments and give families easy ideas that would make their gatherings memorable.”


Life Point Books are focused on celebrating the milestones of our lives. The series offers simple recipes to feed your family but not break your pocketbook. The ingredients are easily found at your local grocery stores. The tips are meant as reminders to make your home life better and keep you safe. Most importantly, these everyday ideas are meant to be shared.


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