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Holiday Table Setting Fun

Preparing the holiday table is a perfect way to set the tone for your celebration. I love setting the table because I can do it long before anyone arrives; giving me time to be creative. It also revs up my anticipation for seeing those I love.

Napkins offer a great opportunity to make things fancy. Even a simple white napkin arranged on each plate will make the table setting dazzle. I love to fold napkins for different seasons. You can easily make a cloth napkin into a Christmas tree or get fancy with the diamond pocket and placecards. Just search online for napkin folding ideas and follow the step-by-step guides.

There are countless other ways to make your dinner table come alive, from name cards to flower arrangements. Remember to keep your centerpiece low so guests can easily have a conversation across the table. Try not to have the centerpiece take up too much real estate either. You will need the space for dishes and glassware. A table runner and candles with crystal water and wine glasses can be beautiful and many times, enough. I love to have my plates stacked by course on top of a charger but feel free to use a tablecloth or placemats instead. Don't be afraid to get creative and you will wow your holidays guests.

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