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Packing & Unpacking Tips

House Notes from Welcome Home

Moving to a new house is a busy time so being efficient can help in both the packing and unpacking process.

As you pack up, put things into boxes in an orderly fashion by room or by item. Then label each box to identify contents and room location of where you want the movers to place it in your new home. The movers will appreciate the guidance and you'll have any easier time finding what you need.

Put cleaning supplies in your car so if you arrive before the movers, you can start cleaning. I suggest placing boxes in the center of each room so you can clean before you unpack. This may be the only time the floors, closets and cupboards are completely empty and easy to wipe down.

Knowing the contents in each box makes it easier to decide what to unpack first. I suggest starting with your bed, finding pillows, sheets and blankets. No matter how much unpacking you accomplish the first day, you will need a good night sleep and having your bed ready will be a comfort on night one.

The kitchen is always difficult because so much tends to be put in cupboards and pantries. To help you find the things you might need first - such as glasses or plates - number the boxes. You can unpack the blender and roaster last.

And don't be afraid to push a few boxes to the side for another day. Take the time to organize so your house starts out in great shape for all the happiness to come.

If you are looking for more tips, check out my "Welcome Home" book. You can find it here.

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