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Making Life Transitions Fun.

What is a Life Point?

It's a new home. It's the first time the kids go off to school. Or it's when we become an empty nester.


There is no escaping the journey. All these moments move us into another one of life's transitions.


Life Point is all about celebrating the inevitable milestones of our lives. With blogs, tips, and a series of entertaining books, we offer a lighter side to greeting each life transition.

The Life Point Book series celebrates these milestones with fun, relevant content. There are tips as reminders to make the journey meaningful. The books offer simple recipes to feed our families but not break the budget. There are stories from others to remind us that we are not alone in any stage of life. 

From buying a new home to becoming an empty nester, the Life Point Book series is here to encourage us to have fun every step of the way. 

Preregister for your Empty Nesting book.
Opens March 1. 

Empty Nesting hits bookstores this summer. To get your copy early, register below and we will reach out when the book is hot off the presses. 

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